Why ivclub?

All of us have very busy lives. We are tired and wore out – we have long hours at work, lack of sleep, busy families, and too many activities. We are simply over-exerted with every day life stressors; physically & mentally.

Busy lives often lead to illness, dehydration, headaches, disease, fatigue, exhaustion, and yes, the occasional hangover.

ivclub is the first and only elective iv infusion in the upper Midwest. Our iv infusion treatments are here to help you hydrate, recuperate, and revive so you can get back to living your life and feeling your best!

Jenny Haiar

Jenny Haiar

Registered Nurse-BSN | CEO & Owner of ivclub

While working in Denver, Colorado, I was working as an RN in the labor and delivery emergency department. I was continually treating dehydration, elevation sickness, migraines, malabsorption ailments, and many other health ailments due to lack of nutrients, vitamins, and simple hydration. I always felt bad that patients had to come in and pay so much money in copays/insurance for simple IV fluids and medications to help fix life-disrupting ailments.

I felt that patients deserved to have an elective option that was significantly lower in cost than traditional health care emergency room visits (with copays, etc).  And, I was extremely good at IV’s and loved the skill set of that; along with witnessing over and over how great people felt after infusion treatments. The experience was an all-around positive reinforcement wheel that kept rolling down this path of creating ivclub.

The goal was to allow the general public to experience an effective, safe way to hydrate, recuperate and revive your overall health and wellness.

ivclub is not a franchise (yet), but that is the goal; to offer these services at other cities and towns that would welcome and support it!

We spend a significant time with our pharmacy vendors to provide the most beneficial, safe, and fun way to significantly improve clients health, and get them back to their life and feel their best.  We are incredibly lucky and grateful to our clients and hope to continue to add new and safe options for health and wellness!

What People Are Saying

The infusions work great and they are so professional and caring!

thumb Jessica Reidburn
September 11, 2021

Area is super clean but also very relaxed and comfortable. Hooked up to an IV within minutes of arriving to my appointment.

thumb Abby
December 14, 2021