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Your genetics are unique to you, and they hold the key to understanding how your body works. Genetic testing is a powerful tool that provides you with detailed information about your health, helping you make informed decisions and take control of your well-being. By incorporating genetic insights into your healthcare routine, you can achieve a healthier, more personalized lifestyle.

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iv&co genetic testing kit options:

Genetic Methylation Report (30x)

Dive deep into your body's methylation processes, essential for DNA synthesis, gene expression, detoxification, and more. Learn about key genetic markers like MTHFR and COMT to optimize your health strategies.


Allergens, Immunity & Inflammation

Gain crucial insights into your genetic predispositions related to allergies, immune responses, and inflammation. Understand how your body reacts to environmental sensitivities and manage your health more effectively.


Nutrition & Micronutrient Genetics

Personalize your nutrition with detailed information on how your body processes vital nutrients like Vitamin A and protein. Tailor your diet to support your genetic needs and enhance your overall well-being.


“Your genetic makeup is a constant throughout your life; it never changes, so undergoing genetic testing just once can provide you with lifelong insights into your health.”

What is the Genetic Methylation Report (30x)?

Unlock Your Genetic Blueprint for Optimal Health
The Genetic Methylation Report (30x) provides in-depth insights into your body’s methylation processes, a critical function affecting DNA synthesis, gene expression, detoxification, and more. This report analyzes key genes like MTHFR, COMT, MTR, and MTRR, offering a comprehensive understanding of your methylation propensity and personalized health recommendations.

Did you know… over 50% of the population is affected by genetic variants in the methylation pathway.

What is Methylation?

Methylation is a crucial process happening in every cell of your body, affecting DNA synthesis, gene expression, detoxification, and neurotransmitter production. Problems with methylation can lead to health issues like heart disease, mental health challenges, and autoimmune diseases.

By identifying genetic tendencies towards methylation issues, we can create a personalized health plan to maintain overall health and reduce the risk of long-term illnesses. Key genes like MTHFR and COMT influence how well your body can methylate, impacting your ability to process nutrients like folate and vitamin B12.

Understanding your methylation capacity helps us recommend lifestyle changes, diet adjustments, and supplements to support optimal health. This includes ensuring you get enough methyl-donating nutrients, managing stress, and making healthy lifestyle choices to keep your methylation in balance.

Explain this Image:

Here is a simple visual representation of the methylation process:

  1. DNA (Black Line): The methylation process acts on DNA.
  2. Enzymes (White Circles): Key enzymes involved in the methylation process.
    • MTHFR: Converts folate (vitamin B9) to its active form.
    • COMT: Breaks down catecholamines, affecting neurotransmitter balance.
    • MTR: Converts homocysteine to methionine, involved in detoxification.
    • MTRR: Regenerates active vitamin B12.
  3. Processes (Text Boxes): Key steps in the methylation process.
    • Folate (vitamin B9) conversion.
    • Vitamin B12 utilization.
    • Homocysteine conversion.
    • Detoxification.

What does MTHFR, COMT, MTR, and MTRR mean?


Initiator of methylation

The purpose of the MTHFR gene is to encode for the MTHFR enzyme which is the driver of the production of folate. Variants in the genes involved in methylation can impact the development of chronic disease. Nutrition intervention supports methylation and promotion of optimal health.


Restoring Hormone Balance

By metabolizing stress hormones and neutrotransmitters, the COMT gene is directly responsible for bringing your heartbeat down to normal levels and restoring a sense of balance both to your physiological and your psychological self.


Amino Acid Balance

The MTR gene provides instructions for making an enzyme called methionine synthase which plays a role in processing amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Methionine synthase converts homocysteine to methionine using methylated vitamin B12. Inflammation and elevated homocysteine levels can increase the risk of CVD.


Protein Processing

The MTRR gene codes for the important enzyme, methionine synthase reductase (MSR) which is required for the proper function of methionine synthase (see MTR). Both genes act together to convert homocysteine to methionine. Variants can be involved with the development of cancers, Parkinson’s disease, depression, hypertension and many others.

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What is the Allergens, Immunity & Inflammation Genetic Test?

Understand and Manage Your Immune Response
Our Allergens, Immunity & Inflammation test reveals your genetic predispositions to allergies, immune responses, and inflammatory conditions. It covers environmental sensitivities, mast cell regulation, asthma risks, and general inflammation markers. Gain valuable insights to better manage your health and tailor your lifestyle to minimize allergic and inflammatory responses.

Panels Included in this Report:


Environmental Sensitivity

Identifies your genetic susceptibility to chemicals like cleaning products, pesticides, and BPA (plastics).

Learn More:
  • General Chemical Sensitivity: Measures genetic susceptibility to chemicals.
  • Pesticide Risk: Assesses genetic risk for adverse effects from pesticide exposure.
  • BPA Risk: Evaluates genetic risk for health issues related to BPA exposure.

Mold Severity

Assesses your genetic risk for adverse health effects from mold exposure.

Learn More:
  • Mold Metabolism (CYP1A2): Analyzes genetic ability to process mold toxins.
  • Mold Severity Risk: Identifies genetic susceptibility to mold-related health problems.


Examines genetic variations that affect your body’s ability to metabolize histamine, impacting allergies and intolerances.

Learn More:
  • General Histamine Sensitivity: Examines genetic factors affecting histamine metabolism.
  • Food-Based Histamine Sensitivity: Assesses genetic risk for histamine intolerance from foods.

Mast Cell / IgE

Analyzes genetic factors related to allergic reactions, focusing on mast cell activation and IgE production.

Learn More:
  • IgE Levels: Measures genetic factors influencing IgE production and allergic responses.


Looks into genetic predispositions affecting asthma susceptibility and severity.

Learn More:
  • Asthma Propensity: Looks at genetic predispositions affecting asthma risk and severity.

IL-10 Inflammation

Explores genetic factors influencing gut health and inflammation  related to IL-10.

Learn More:
  • IL-10 Inflammation Risk: Analyzes genetic factors related to gut health and inflammation.

General Inflammation

Examines genetic variations that influence your body’s inflammatory response.

Learn More:
  • NRF2 Activity: Assesses genetic variations influencing anti-inflammatory responses.
  • Benzene Risk: Evaluates genetic susceptibility to benzene exposure.
  • CRP Inflammation: Measures genetic predispositions affecting CRP levels and inflammation.


Analyzes genetic factors affecting mitochondrial function and oxidative stress management.

Learn More:
  • Mitochondrial Function: Analyzes genetic factors affecting energy production and oxidative stress management.

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What is the Nutrition & Micronutrient Genetic Test?

Personalize Your Nutrition for Maximum Health Benefits
The Nutrition & Micronutrient Report bundles two comprehensive reports into one, focusing on your unique genetic needs for vitamins and protein. Discover how your body processes and benefits from vital nutrients like Vitamin A, Alpha Carotene, and Beta Carotene, as well as your genetic predisposition for protein intake. Use these insights to optimize your diet and enhance your overall well-being.

Two Reports – Bundled into One Powerful Test:


Nutrition Genetics:

Hunger & Fullness Sensing

Understanding genetic tendencies related to hunger, fullness sensing, and emotional eating patterns can guide strategies to manage appetite and develop healthier relationships with food. Factors such as lifestyle, stress levels, and eating habits also contribute to appetite control.


  • Appetite/Fullness Sensing
  • Snacking/Emotional Eating Risk

Genetic variations influence how the body responds to dietary protein, affecting muscle repair, immune function, and hormone production. Understanding these tendencies helps optimize protein consumption for goals like muscle building, weight management, or overall well-being.


  • Protein Benefit

Responses to dietary fats vary based on genetic predispositions. Some may thrive on higher fat diets, while others may need lower fat intake for optimal health. Understanding these tendencies helps in making informed dietary choices.


  • Dietary Fat Response
Saturated Fats

Genetic predispositions affect how the body metabolizes saturated fats, impacting cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health. Knowing these tendencies can guide dietary choices for maintaining overall health.


  • Saturated Fat Response
  • APOe Status (Saturated Fat)
Omega Fatty Acids

Genetic factors influence the body’s need for omega-3 and risk for imbalanced omega-6 levels. Understanding these tendencies aids in optimizing dietary intake of these essential fatty acids.


  • Omega-3 Need
  • Omega-6 Risk

Genetic variations affect individual responses to low-carbohydrate diets and weight loss. Understanding these tendencies helps tailor dietary choices for better weight management and overall health.


  • Complex Carb Utilization
  • Weight Loss from Low-Carb Diet
  • Insulin Resistance Propensity
Food Sensitivities

Genetic predispositions for lactose intolerance, weight gain from dairy fat, and gluten sensitivity help guide dietary choices to manage digestive health and overall well-being.


  • Weight Gain from Dairy Fat
  • GAD1 Activity
  • Gluten Risk
  • Lactose Intolerance Risk
Insulin Resistance

Understanding genetic risk for insulin resistance helps in making informed decisions about diet, exercise, and lifestyle to reduce risk and promote overall health.


  • Insulin Resistance Propensity
Plant Cholesterol

Genetic predispositions influence the body’s response to plant sterols, which can lower cholesterol levels and reduce heart disease risk. Understanding these tendencies aids in optimizing dietary intake for heart health.


  • Plant Sterol Risk
  • Plant Sterol Benefit

Micronutrient Genetics:

Vitamin A

Genetic predispositions affect the conversion of Alpha Carotene and Beta Carotene into retinol, essential for vision, immune function, and skin health. Understanding these tendencies helps ensure adequate Vitamin A intake.


  • Vitamin A Conversion
  • Alpha Carotene Level Propensity
  • Beta Carotene Level Propensity
Non-Vitamin A Carotenoids

Genetic factors influence the absorption and metabolism of carotenoids like lutein, lycopene, beta-cryptoxanthin, and zeaxanthin, which are crucial for vision and overall health. Understanding these tendencies aids in optimizing dietary intake.


  • Zeaxanthin Level Propensity
  • Beta-Cryptoxanthin Level Propensity
  • Lutein Level Propensity
  • Lycopene Level Propensity
B Vitamins

Genetic variations affect B vitamin metabolism, including levels of B6, B9 (folate), and B12, as well as MTHFR activity. Understanding these tendencies helps optimize B vitamin levels for energy production, DNA synthesis, and nervous system function.


  • MTHFR Activity
  • Vitamin B12 Level Propensity
  • Vitamin B9 Need
  • Vitamin B6 Level Propensity
  • Folic Acid Supplementation Tolerance
Vitamin D

Genetic predispositions affect Vitamin D levels, essential for bone health, immune function, and overall well-being. Understanding these tendencies helps optimize Vitamin D intake through sunlight, diet, and supplements.


  • Vitamin D Deficiency Risk
  • Vitamin D Dietary Absorption
  • Inactive vs Active Vitamin D Correlation
Vitamin E

Genetic predispositions influence the processing of Vitamin E compounds, which function as antioxidants in the body. Understanding these tendencies helps ensure adequate Vitamin E intake to protect cells from oxidative stress.


  • Vitamin E Processing

Genetic factors affect electrolyte balance, crucial for hydration, nerve function, and muscle function. Understanding these tendencies helps in maintaining optimal electrolyte levels for overall health.


  • Electrolyte Balance

Genetic predispositions influence choline metabolism, essential for brain health, liver function, and lipid metabolism. Understanding these tendencies helps optimize choline intake.


  • Choline Metabolism
Nitric Oxide

Genetic factors affect nitric oxide levels, which play a role in blood flow regulation and cardiovascular health. Understanding these tendencies helps optimize dietary intake to support nitric oxide production.


  • Nitric Oxide Production
Selenium & Iodine

Genetic predispositions influence selenium and iodine metabolism, essential for thyroid function and antioxidant defense. Understanding these tendencies helps ensure adequate intake of these trace minerals.


  • Selenium Metabolism
  • Iodine Metabolism

Genetic variations affect iron metabolism, crucial for oxygen transport and energy production. Understanding these tendencies helps optimize iron intake to prevent deficiencies and support overall health.


  • Iron Metabolism

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“After undergoing genetic testing, I discovered that I have a higher risk for insulin resistance and a predisposition for lower Vitamin D levels. Armed with this knowledge, I made significant changes to my lifestyle. I started incorporating more physical activity into my daily routine and adjusted my diet to include foods rich in Vitamin D. Additionally, I began regular check-ups with a nutritionist to tailor my diet to my genetic profile. These changes have not only helped me maintain better blood sugar levels but also boosted my overall energy and well-being. Genetic testing has truly been a game-changer for my health!” – Dimetri G, 45

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