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Step 1: Choose your ivclub drip or injection. 

Are you going to do an IV infusion, an injection, or maybe both?  After you make a selection, you will have the option to add to your appointment, with items such as an additional IV infusion or additional injections. 

Step 2: Choose your time slot

After you choose your appointment type, you will be able to select your appointment time. Most infusions will take around 45 minutes, and injections only take a few minutes for each one.

Step 3: Entering your information/Payment options

Enter your name, phone number, and email and decide whether you would like to pay now, or wait until your appointment time. Your phone number is used for appointment reminders, and also to track your rewards points in our system.


If you are having trouble scheduling your appointment using the form below, please call us at 605 -271-0715.